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Security PIN Tips



A security PIN is a secure way to connect your toy. Once enabled, malicious parties within the physical Bluetooth range will be unable to hijack the toy's connection. If you set a security PIN, you must remember it in order to connect the toy to our app(s).


Enabling a security PIN is not required and is mostly designed for more secure public play. If you will not use your toy in public, we recommend not to enable this feature.


Enable Security PIN  


To enable the security pin in supported toys:


1. Connect the toy to the Lovense Remote app.

2. Tap "Edit" underneath the toy's name and choose "Security PIN" from the settings page.



3. Tap "Enable" and enter a 6-digit PIN code, confirm it, and click OK.



Once enabled, you will need to enter your PIN the next time you connect your toy to your device. Please don't forget it. You only need to enter the PIN one time on each device that you connect the toy to.


The PIN will also be required to connect the toy to other Lovense software, such as Lovense Connect and the Lovense Media Player.


Disable Security PIN


You can only disable the security PIN on the Lovense Remote mobile app. To disable your security PIN:


1. Log in to the Lovense Remote app.

2. Connect the toy to the app.

3. Tap "Edit" under the toy's name and you can disable the security PIN.



Forgot PIN Code


If the PIN is invalid or forgotten:


1. Hold the toy’s power button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the toy’s light will quickly flash 3 times and the toy will power off. The security PIN will no longer be required.

2. Go to your device's Bluetooth settings and remove/unpair the toy before trying to connect it again.




Can’t Connect the Toy


For a toy with the security PIN enabled, if you can't connect it, please go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and remove/unpair the toy before trying to connect it again.

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