1st Internet-Controlled Toy Released 2010
  1. World's first "smart" vibrator.
  2. Controlled through a Skype connection.
  3. Ability to sync vibrations with music.
3rd Generation Released 2014 2015
  1. App control.
  2. Bi-directional controls.
  3. Enhanced design for maximum pleasure and comfort.
Lush is Released! 2016
  1. Lush was the first vibrator to be controllable via an Apple Watch.
  2. We raised over $100,000 for pre-orders on IndieGogo.
Hush is Released! 2017
  1. Hush è il primo butt plug Bluetooth in grado di essere controllato a lunga distanza.
  2. We raised over $200,000 in pre-orders on IndieGogo.
Ambi is Released!
  1. Unique design that complements the body during sex.
  2. Comfortable to hold in multiple positions.
Edge is Released!
  1. World’s first adjustable prostate massager.
  2. Super-strong vibrations, yet whisper quiet.
Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter is Released! 2018
  1. Customized exclusively to connect Lovense toys to a Windows PC.
  2. Supports up to five simultaneous connections.
Domi Female and Male Attachments are Released!
  1. Dual and triple attachments for men and women.
  2. Progettato per estendere le possibilità di piacere quando si utilizza Domi.
Max 2 is Released!
  1. Max 2 has an improved sleeve, 360-degree contractions, and an extended vibrator.
  2. Improved performance and completely new exterior design.
Domi 2 is Released! 2020
  1. Domi 2 has a revised design, updated antenna, and a new generation Bluetooth chip that significantly improves connectivity.
  2. A bigger motor nearly triples the battery life of Domi 2!
Ferri is Released!
  1. Bluetooth remote-controlled panty vibrator that’s quiet, but powerful.
  2. Extra strong magnetic cap to ensure the toy stays put during use and stimulates the clitoris as you move.
Lush 3 è uscito!
  1. Una coda fissa per "abbracciare" il tuo corpo.
  2. Magnetic charging port, redesigned antenna, a printed circuit board (PCB), and a way longer battery life.
Dolce (precedentemente Quake) è uscito!
  1. Collo regolabile per vibrazioni profonde del clitoride e punto G.
  2. Silicone liscio e due motori per aiutarti a raggiungere orgasmi misti.
Gush viene rilasciato!
  1. Massaggiatore per il glande con design flessibile e fascia opzionale che si adatta a qualsiasi dimensione.
  2. Stimolazione intensa e mirata, sia attraverso carezze che con l'uso a mani libere.
2nd Generation Prototype
  1. Began developing revolutionary "his" and "her" interactability.
  2. PC-based internet control.
4th Generation Released
  1. Nora’s motor is now quieter and the beads were adjusted.
  2. Max’s water resistance is improved and the size was enhanced.
5th Generation Released
  1. Optimized shaft, improved charging port and clit arm made flexible for Nora.
  2. Added an air vent and a more elastic sleeve to Max.
6th Generation Released
  1. Improved sensor for detecting partner's movements.
  2. Updated packaging.
Domi is Released!
  1. Domi is a super powerful mini wand.
  2. Wireless and rechargeable.
Osci is Released!
  1. World’s first G-spot toy that actually “pumps” the G-spot.
  2. Unique patent-pending technology.
Lush 2 is Released! 2019
  1. New Bluetooth technology inside.
  2. Changed button location.
Water-Based Lubricant is Released!
  1. Suitable for any intimate activity.
  2. It is water-based, easy-to-clean, soft, moisturizing and long-lasting!
Osci 2 is Released!
  1. Osci 2 has an improved head shape and angle, longer battery life, stronger motor, and improved connectivity.
  2. Osci 2 is now waterproof thanks to a new kind of magnetic charger.
La missione è stata rilasciata (quantità limitata)!
  1. Abbiamo rilasciato un numero limitato del nostro nuovo, unico giocattolo - Missione!
  2. Extra-long battery life, optional/adjustable depth sensor feature, and strong vibrations.
Edge 2 is Released! 2021
  1. Edge 2 has a revised design, redesigned antenna, and an updated printed circuit board (PCB).
  2. Redesigned toy with a larger bulb just above the neck.
Diamo è uscito!
  1. Smooth ring and vibrating extension for perineum stimulation.
  2. Comfortable to be worn in multiple positions, which makes it a great toy for discreet public play, during sex, and long-distance control.
Hyphy viene rilasciato!
  1. Due motori, tre allegati, scenari di gioco illimitati.
  2. Vibratore finale ad alta frequenza per orgasmi veloci e vibratore finale del punto G per un gioco prolungato.
Lancio di Calor! 2022
  1. Calor è un masturbatore maschile portatile e controllato in profondità.
  2. Multifunzioni, facile da pulire e trasportare.

Lovense sex toys are the culmination of more than 10 years of research, development, and countless man-hours. How did this journey begin? Well, in 2009, founder Dan Liu was in a long-distance relationship. Lack of sexual intimacy was a serious problem and therefore sparked an interest in teledildonics.

The following year, Remote Pleasure was born. It was a revolutionary remote control vibrator which used Skype to control it from distance - one of the first of its kind. It pleased thousands of couples all over the world. But, we knew we could improve.

Between 2011 and 2012, research continued and prototypes of the first two-way interactive, teledildonic sex toys were built. However, the design and technology wasn't up to our standards. We went back to the drawing board and utilized smartphone Bluetooth technology, which is the basis of our current toys. 

First released in late 2013, Max and Nora were the first app-based, sex tech toys of their kind. Nora was the first Bluetooth rabbit vibrator and Max was the first Bluetooth male masturbator. Over time, we've continually optimized both the software and the hardware to ensure they are one of the top options for people in long-distance relationships. 

Since releasing Max and Nora, we have always been interested in expanding our product line. Based on our own bad experiences with wearable Bluetooth vibrators and traditional remote control vibrators, we decided to focus on a toy for public play. We spent over a year testing and optimizing before launch to ensure it didn't have the same issues as other products on the market. In mid-2015, we finally launched Lush, a powerful remote control bullet vibrator which has tons of features via our new app. The response was amazing – it raised over $100,000 on the IndieGogo crowdfunding platform! 

Our intention was to launch an egg vibrator and a Bluetooth butt plug at the same time, but things just didn't work out. The plug was giving us so many issues during development, and the launch date was constantly pushed back. After more than 18 months of development, we were finally able to launch in mid-2016 and the response was incredible. We raised over $200,000 in pre-orders via IndieGogo. One of the most successful sex toy crowdfunding efforts ever!

2017 was a successful year for us. We doubled our product line by launching four new products: Ambi, a bullet vibrator with a unique design; Edge, our adjustable prostate massager; Domi, a super powerful mini wand; and Osci, an oscillating G-spot toy! We raised over $327,000 in pre-orders via Indiegogo over 10 months and, after completing the campaign, launched all products on our official store. Also, our software development team released two new apps!"

While launching new toys, we also think about how to improve other aspects of user experience. So, we started 2018 with another launch! Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter was created by our team to exclusively connect any Lovense toy to a Windows PC in just a few, easy steps!

The original Lush love egg evolved into Lush 2, including an improved antenna, longer battery life, greater motor strength, better connectivity, and a more convenient button placement – all this from valuable customer feedback.

Domi è un super potente Bacchetta "mini" che offre ancora più possibilità di piacere se utilizzata con gli attacchi femmina e maschio. Le estensioni accuratamente personalizzate offrono il massimo del piacere.

After creating a rich and varied collection of sex toys, we decided to offer a Water-Based Lubricant and make sure our customers can shop for all their sex toy related essentials in our official store. It is the perfect choice not only when using toys, but also during other intimate activities.

The Lovense masturbator has got the extensive upgrade it deserves - and we are thrilled to finally introduce Max 2! After receiving fantastic feedback from our customers, we have completely changed the exterior design, sleeve, and other internal, hardware-related features. Now, users can experience 360-degree contractions and a redesigned vibrator!

Thanks to our dedicated users, Osci received lots of feedback and we worked hard on bringing a new and improved Osci 2 into your bedroom with these tune-ups: a stronger motor, improved head shape, a more comfortable toy angle, a drastically improved battery life (up to 5 hours!), improved connectivity, and a new charging method!

We started 2020 with the very exciting release of Domi 2! It has multiple advancements; starting with a revised design that makes the toy more comfortable to hold. Our team made sure to update the antenna and use a new generation Bluetooth chip that significantly improves connectivity. Finally, the most exciting advancement is a bigger battery that extends the wand’s life by almost three times!

We wanted to find the way to thank our customers for their continuous support. It has been especially important for us during this diffucult year. We’ve released a limited number of Mission - a unique G-Spot vibrator in an exclusive color and at a special price - to express our gratitude for your continued support, feedback, and belief in our products!

Introducing Ferri – our long-awaited, tiny panty vibrator! Thanks to the extra-strong magnetic cap, our final toy of the year can be used with any style of panty. It will stay in place while you walk, sit, or stand. It's a great toy for teasing or full-blown orgasms no matter what setting you find yourself in!

We were determined to present Edge 2 as soon as 2021 started! We redesigned the toy to make sure it stays in place and provides more accurate/stronger P-Spot stimulation. We’ve also updated the antenna and a printed circuit board (PCB) that improves connectivity. And of course, Edge 2 is adjustable, just like its predecessor.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are introducing our well-known love egg, Lush 3, as well as a new vibrating cock ring, Diamo! Diamo ensures harder and longer-lasting erections along with delayed orgasms. It’s a perfect toy for couple’s sex (because your partner will get to feel the vibrations too!) or heated public play. Lush 3, our all-time best seller, can give you up to 5 hours of continuous pleasure! It’s far more intense than previous models thanks to a fixed tail and more pressure on your G-Spot.

Crediamo di avere il giocattolo perfetto per portare il tuo gioco da solista al livello successivo e dare simultanea clitoride e Punto G orgasmi! Il collo regolabile consente di personalizzare la vestibilità in base alle proprie esigenze e garantisce un buon contatto con sia il clitoride che il punto G. Silicone liscio e due potenti motori per stimolazioni profonde e mirate. Dolce (in precedenza Quake) rimane al suo posto, garantendo un piacere intenso e a mani libere!

Hyphy è un giocattolo super efficiente che ti aiuterà a raggiungere l'apice del piacere in meno di 5 minuti (nell'85% dei nostri tester). La custodia di ricarica/conservazione non solo semplifica la ricarica di Hyphy, ma anche di portarlo con te ovunque tu vada!

Siamo super entusiasti di aggiungere il massaggiatore di glans Gush alla nostra collezione! Il vibratore impermeabile, silenzioso e di piccole dimensioni è l'ideale per viaggiare. Il suo design flessibile si adatta a qualsiasi dimensione per vibrazioni mani libere e accarezzazioni confortevoli. La band è inclusa per quelli che vogliono sperimentare una maggiore intensità, tenuta e stimolazione tarsuata.

Nel 2022 con l'espansione della nostra collezione di questo masturbatore maschio! L'interno de Calor, coperto con silicone ultra-morbido, ti impressionerà sicuramente. È facile da pulire e trasportare, rendendolo un eccellente compagno di viaggio. Ancora più importante, offre più funzionalità: controllo della profondità, riscaldamento, vibrazione e compressione. Cos'altro vorresti in un masturbatore di alta tecnologia maschile?!

Behind the scenes, the Lovense team continues to work hard to bring sex tech into every bedroom. If you're interested in our new products, you should follow us on Instagram (we usually preview new products there):

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