We are continually working to ensure that all of our platforms and products are secure. As part of this commitment, we are active members of the Internet of Dongs (IoD), an initiative set-up with the goal of protecting the security and privacy of people using connected and remote-controllable sex toys.

    We aim to take a preventative approach, with a number of initiatives under way. We believe this is the best way to protect our customers, so your products are secure and the data and information are safe.


    The scope of our security initiatives covers any security vulnerabilities found in the Lovense Remote app, the Lovense Connect app, Lovense Cam Extensions, website, and servers.


    Any activity that would disrupt, damage, or adversely affect any third-party data or account is not allowed. Please do not mass create accounts to perform testing against Lovense applications and services. Also, do not perform brute force testing to determine whether rate limiting is in place for particular APIs or pieces of functionality.

    Do not publicly disclose any vulnerabilities before you inform us about them and receive a reply from us as to when these vulnerabilities will be fixed.

    Do not publicly disclose any user information or data even after the reported issue has been fixed.


    • Denial of Service attacks.
    • Physical attacks against offices and data centers.
    • Social engineering of our service desk, employees, or contractors.
    • Compromise of Lovense users or employees account.
    • Automated tools or scans, botnet, compromised site, end-clients, or any other means of large automated exploitation or use of tools that generate a significant volume of traffic.


    If you think you have discovered a security vulnerability, please contact us a soon as possible at:

    [email protected]. In your email, please include the following:

    • A summary of the problem
    • A sequence of steps that can be used to replicate the issue

    Once we receive your email our software team will investigate the scope and severity of the issue as a matter of urgency. We will keep you updated on the progress as we work to fix the bug you have submitted.

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